Is Tiger Woods’ Pro-Golf Career Over After Crash? [Video]


  • Tiger Woods has once again met a car crash last Tuesday.
  • The accident left him with multiple injuries, such as two compound fractures and a broken ankle.
  • Speculations that he will still return on the links, despite quite old age and some body issues, floated up — one coming from former president Donald Trump who touted his friendship with Woods.

Tiger Woods’ brutal SUV wreck on Tuesday morning might put an end to the top golfer’s career — or will it not?

On Sunday, Woods was mum if he would be ready to play the 2021 Masters Tournament in April, but his compound leg fractures hinted that he really can’t.

His multiple leg injuries would likely require him a year to recover. According to Los Angeles Times, Woods has two compound fractures and a broken ankle.

While many athletes like NFL quarterbacks Alex Smith, Donovan McNabb and Tom Brady have suffered gruesome leg injuries, and they have made a strong comeback, Woods has a different story.

The top golfer has always been so selective when it comes to tournaments that he would participate in. He usually takes time off from some tournaments to give way to major ones: The Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship.

Also, it was noticeable that he already had trouble standing for long hours at the Genesis Invitational last weekend. With golf carts prohibited during play, Woods would be needing good, strong legs to walk several holes. With his compound fractures, this would be extremely challenging for him.

Another thing that would likely factor in is the golfer’s age, not to mention his frequent back problems. At 45, he may take longer time to recover. His recent car crash gave him new parts to rehab, on top of his recent medical attention because of another surgery he had in December.

Nevertheless, suspicions that Woods will be back on the links have surfaced. On Tuesday, former president Donald Trump, who plugged his friendship with Woods on Fox News, said that “he’ll be back.”

“He’ll be back. You watch, he’ll be there,” the 45th president said. “When he’s in contention, the ratings double and triple … He doesn’t even have to be leading. He can be near the lead and TV ratings will be better than they were the year before.”

Regardless Woods will have a strong return or not, he has surely left a legacy in the world of golf, fans or not.

Source: Newsweek

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